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String Wars is a game that can be played using a real guitar

"The most enjoyable and effective way to learn guitar!"
  • use real guitar

    Use Real Guitar

    You only need an iPad and a real guitar to play the game. Seriously, nothing else! The app has been developed using the latest technology, which listens to the guitar music to identify what you have played.

    instant feedback

    Get Instant Feedback

    The game gives instant feedback if the correct notes were played. The algorithm keeps listening to played chords and processes the sound live to immediately give the result back to you.

    challenge friends

    Challenge Friends

    What is the fun in playing the game alone? No more! You can not only practice guitar through this game, but also challenge your friends to compete with you. Another way to make guitar learning a lot more fun!
  • use own songs

    Use Own Songs

    The game allows you to upload their own guitar-pro tab files to practice songs of your choice. This also allows you to compose your own songs and share it with friends and family.

    record music

    Record Music

    Ever felt the need to re-listen to what you played? The app continuously records your sessions and you can listen to the played riff, to identify and rectify past mistakes.

    share with friends

    Share With Friends

    Played a beautiful song and want everyone to listen it? Well, now that is a matter of a few clicks! After initial setup, you will be able to share the played music over facebook, twitter, soundcloud and email.

What our users are saying

  • Great! ★★★★★

    Im loving this app as a beginner but it also works for pros. Its basically guitar hero with a real guitar (you have to have one to play this). Great for practice and self-teaching. Thanks devs, im starting to learn the guitar again after giving up long ago. :) this is actually fun.

    by Den25a86 – Philippines
  • What I've always dreamed of for guitar ★★★★★

    After playing Guitar Hero for years, I finally got my own guitar. I spent a lot of time practicing, but as you may know, it is difficult to read a tab online and make it sound like the real song as a beginner. This app helps deal with that problem. It allows you to import any guitar pro song (found at ultimate guitar) and instantly listen to a recording of the song while the notes play across the screen. One can slow down the song while you are learning and then play along with it. Awesome app that I highly recommend to beginning guitarists.

    by Worfosaur – USA

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